December 18, 2012

Hair fun! Jennifer Morrison Inspired Braid

One of my friends is holding her 21st over the weekend, so I've been searching for hairstyles to try. I wanted something fairly low profile, neat and able to be hair sprayed to death so I don't have to worry about is coming undone. I fell in love with this braided updo worn by Jennifer Morrison, so I thought I would give it a shot!

(Yes, I am in my backyard ;) The lighting inside was terrible!)

I think I can safely call this trial a success! I have a few end bits hanging around that I haven't quite worked out yet, and the positions of the braids could be adjusted to flow better, but the general idea worked :) It took me just over an hour including curling all my hair.
It's basically one big plait down the middle, a medium brain down the side, then a mini braid tucked underneath. The plait is wrapped over the medium braid, then tucked in underneath, and the braid ends are pushed behind the plait.

What celebrity hairstyles are you in love with? Any you'd love to try, or see me try?

1 comment:

  1. It's definitely a success! I think it looks great x