January 20, 2013

Mini-review: January Favourites! (Part 2)

Part 1 was getting lengthy, so here are the last couple of favourites for this month:

Essence Maximum Definition Mascara: Inside the tacky metallic orange packaging is a solid mascara that gives decent volume and definition with nearly no clumping. I wore this yesterday for work, then forgot to remove it before we went to the Australian Open in the evening, and there was not a smudge or flake in sight when I got home at midnight. It's as black as any other mascara I own, and has a fairly small, conical rubber brush that does a pretty good job at coating every lash. $5.50.

Illamasqua Cream Blush (Seduce): I've used nothing but cream blush since I purchased Illamasqua's Rude a couple of months ago, so it was time to get a second colour. Illamasqua describes this as "warm rose pink" but I'd tend to call it more of a raspberry. Excuse the terrible photo. I'll try and get a proper review with some swatches up soon. Like Rude, this goes on without a problem, blends easily, and stays on. Suffered the same test yesterday and passed with flying colours. I love this colour with a minimal make-up look, because it gives my face a pretty glow. $28 and worth every cent.


  1. I'd like to try that Essence mascara! :)

    1. Definitely grab it if you get the chance! I was pleasantly surprised :)